Our philosophy, enables us to provide the highest level of service quality to our clients around the world. This is our business culture, which is a key driver of success. It is a winning culture designed to maintain trust and understanding upon which our strategic client partnerships are built. A culture focused on long-term commitment, cooperation and communication that enables us to share knowledge, information and resources, resulting in reduced risks and costs and increased profitability for all involved.

"Omicron acts with efficiency and safety, always meeting Statutory regulations and exceeding industry and customer's requirements."

Commercial Management

Omicron Ship Management Inc is highly experienced in the field of Commercial Management. Our chartering team consists of highly professional in-house brokers with great expertise in the market. We respond quickly and effectively at every transportation requirement with respect to our clients’ needs.

Technical Management

Omicron Ship Management Ιnc provides full management of all technical aspects of the fleet.

The success of a modern Bulk Carrier Management Company is its strict adherence to the relevant rules, regulations and industry standards, as well as the adoption of voluntary environmental and safety measures. These, coupled with a well-planned proactive maintenance program for the vessels, their equipment and systems, results in, minimizing costly repairs and providing safe, high-quality, reliable shipping services.

Our staff oversee the above activities with commitment and efficiency. Omicron Technical team is comprised of Superintendents and Managers whose qualifications range from well experienced Marine Engineers to University Graduates in relevant fields who provide the required theoretical and analytical skills. Together they manage to deliver a flawless technical management of bulk carriers.


Our services include crew recruitment and deployment, scheduling and regular training and certification. Omicron is also responsible for taking care of on-going management and administrative duties of seafarers, such as payroll, travel arrangements, insurance and health schemes, overall career development, as well as their day-to-day safety and welfare.

We consider our resources and the human element of utmost importance to the sustainable development of maritime transportation, as well as in turn to global trade.


The operations team, consists of  individuals with proven experience in the industry.

“Omicron acts with efficiency and safety, always meeting Statutory regulations and exceeding industry and customer's requirements.”

By having a strict adherence and high-quality level of operations, we have been able to offer flexible, reliable and safe transportation services, developing long-standing relationships with our customers.


Omicron Shipping Management Inc is committed to operating in accordance with the highest standards of safety in the maritime industry and employs competent and experienced crew so as to ensure that its vessels are operated in a safe and environmentally sound manner.
By promoting an active safety culture among its personnel, both ashore and on board, Omicron Ship Management Inc is committed not only to providing a quality service to their clients, but especially to ensuring consistency on safety and environmental protection. Focusing on safety means making sure that our crew are qualified professionals, regularly trained and informed of latest safety issues.